Books: Semi-Fiction, Understood

It has been a long quest, forced to aisle after aisle, the confusion of misplaced titles and books stacked clumsily. You are searching for a name, a fictional realm. You want to explore pages of adventures and unfamiliar worlds, the

Books: Literature Defined

It is the strangest of prisons – the aisles stretch endless, divided into names and crackled spines, Melvil Dewey’s ingenuity modified. Books are placed into careful rows, offered genres and assumptions. Horror sprawls to your left; romance is found to

Books: Novel Versus Novella

There is a question among the shelves, a misunderstanding of books and their categories. You hold pages in your hand, wondering how they’re suddenly named something more than a novel. They seem no different than all of the surrounding epics

Books: Prose and Verse

All literature is formed of stories – the novel ideas and shorter tales, the fantasy and truth. Prose is the only technique to capture language, you are certain; and it is this certainty that leads you strolling past shelves, noting

Books: The Epic of Gilgamesh

The assumption of literature is that it began within the Victorian age, with all characterizations and tropes developed within the opium grandeur. All books before were merely failed attempts; and all books to follow were to stand forever in the

Books: Defining the Epic

It is a collection of impossible pages, weighted to imagery and importance. You hold them, careful, as if afraid they will somehow be too much for you to understand. They intimidate, those pages. They overwhelm with their refusal to end.

Books: The Importance of Reading

It’s a world of easy distractions: the flicker of the television, the simulated adventures of games, the summer hours that seem endless. Children are offered a myriad of possibilities; each seemingly better than the last and each certain to provide

Tips to Encourage Reading: Books and Parents

It’s a daily battle – you try to offer your child a book, only to see it rejected (whether stared at with disinterest or tossed against the wall, forgotten and ignored). Pages hold no fascination for youth. They’re instead considered