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Our latest publication is Alice, the Looking Glass Threw edited by John Richardson & John Welson.

9781909769083A literary and visual response to Lewis Carroll’s Alice books. In 2013 Welson and Richardson produced a suite of 21 joint collages inspired by the character of Alice. They then invited a number of artists and writers to respond to these collages and the results are included in this book alongside the original pieces. The artists and writers who are included in the book are: Michael Richardson, Jan Wolf, Josef Bubeník, Pete Overton, John Welson, Rik Lina, Gregg Simpson, Kenneth Cox, Kathleen Fox, Arnošt Budík, Wedgwood Steventon, Lubomír Kerdnl, Merl Fluin, Josef Kremláček, John Richardson, Zdeněk Píža, Neil Coombs, Vladimír Kubíček, Paul Goodman and Václav Pajurek.


Also still available – HEADWORKS – the very first anthology of poetry by the surrealist artist, writer, zoologist and broadcaster, Desmond Morris. The book is illustrated throughout in colour with 80 paintings from a suite of works produced in 2013. The poems cover the period from 1945 to 2014.

It is a hardback book and is published in a limited first edition of 200 numbered copies all of which are signed by Desmond Morris.


Our books are also available online from The Book Depository or in the flesh from the ICA, Hayward, Tate Modern, Serpentine Gallery and Foyles Bookshop (London), Cornerhouse (Manchester), Mostyn (Llandudno) and other good book stores.

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Other recent publications include the books Headworks, Inrock, Y Gwiblu BrithThe Outsider, No Ideas But in ThingsCahier de CatéchèseThe Surrealist Cookbook, The Groodoyals of Terre RougeFor Myra For IrisThe Fluxus President, Surrealism in Wales, The Phantoms of Surrealism, and Monomono Banza Diaries Vol. 1 

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