Books: The Twice Told Tales

It is an age of ink, the black and white stories offered easily; the written word is seen in all forms, plastered across city stone and countryside corners. It cannot be refused. It cannot be denied. It is instead to

Books: Semi-Fiction, Understood

It has been a long quest, forced to aisle after aisle, the confusion of misplaced titles and books stacked clumsily. You are searching for a name, a fictional realm. You want to explore pages of adventures and unfamiliar worlds, the

The Tragicomedy: Books and Blurring Lines

You are a creature of many interests: you demand more from your books than predetermined structures and assumed rules. You wish to tangle genres, to let the prose and verse meet. The consequence is always spectacular (if not unexpected) and

Books: Literary Criticism

It is a battle without a victor, with pages named as the reward: a book is argued over, named either brilliance or fiend. You are certain it is unworthy, appalled by its simpering text and sentimentality. It is little more

The Origins of Drama: Books

It’s an easy mistake to make: drama is thought to be the melancholy works and sentimental words, the chapters filled to suffering. All books must be drenched in metaphors, with all emphasis placed on tragedy. It cannot offer laughter. It

Books: Romance Understood

It is an assumption conjured quickly, made with little more than a glance to a title: a book is seen, deemed a romance only by virtue of its cover design. It is thought unworthy, its pages seemingly meant to be

Books: The Tragedy

It was an unfortunate mistake: you chose a story based purely on its appearance (the cliche about judgments and covers was not enough to dissuade you). It seemed such a harmless thing and, for the first few words, it was.

Books and Children: Suggestions

Books were once the only true form of entertainment. They were cherished for the adventures they allowed children to imagine, the worlds they created. But those worlds can now be offered in easy glory through the television screen, found instantly

Books: Comedy Versus Satire

Laughter is the truest form of literature – this is what you believe. There are too many tragedies already to find in the world, with too many more trapped still in pages. You seek instead to discover humor, the unexpected

Choosing Carefully: Books and Parents

It’s a startling discovery, made accidentally as you clean through the endless stacks of clothes, toys and unidentifiable projects (that decision to purchase a chemistry set now seems to be a foolish one. Alchemy stains all carpets and leaves the